Thai food culture

Thai cuisine effortlessly works to lure food lovers into its food aromatic spell. Thai food can make you go for them again and again with their rich and creamy curries, flavourful snacks, fragrant sauces, and sinful sweets as well. the secret and key to cooking any Thai dishes are to go for the balance between five flavors that are sour, bitter, sweet, salty, and spicy which requires skills to master them. therefore, no that dish is dull and every dish brings out the punch to your palate. Earlier, thai dishes used to be a lot spicier but with time the hot ingredients were reduced and other flavors like lemongrass galangal were introduced in the cuisine. You can also see the use of sliced or minced meat in Thai dishes. Some popular Thai dishes are som tam salad, tom yum soup, Thai curries, pad thai noodles, satay, etc.

  1. Chicken satay

This dish is a classic and delicious Thai appetizer that serves along with chunky peanut sauce. This is mostly loved by kids as well as adults. This will be a sure paradise for you if you are a chicken lover.

  1. Tom yum soup with mushrooms

It is a spicy Thai soup. It is clear as well as sour soup. This is a vegetarian dish which is made with mushrooms and thai spices. You can have it in the winter months. Also, you can pair it well with toasted bread.

  1. Pad thai

It is a common Thai street food which is a fried noodle dish. Flat noodles along with tofu, eggs, beansprouts, and sauces are used in this dish.

  1. Thai green chicken curry

In this dish, chicken is cooked in coconut milk along with onions, lime leaves, basil leaves, and thai green curry paste. If you are a coconut lover, you should go for it.

  1. Som tam (papaya salad)

It is a dish of green papaya that covers all the four tastes such as sour, sweet, chilly as well as salty. This dish is not only pleasing to one’s eyes but their tongue as well.

  1. Thai fish green curry

In this dish, fish is simmered in coconut milk along with freshly made Thai green curry paste and some of the aromatic spices. This dish is paired with steamed rice and you can add vegetables to it of your choice.