Japanese food culture

The Japanese people are the most enthusiastic as well as passionate when it comes to food. The crucial elements of Japanese cuisine are its careful preparation and meticulous presentation. Japan considers food as an art form and even the easy and simplest dishes are made by chefs who have years of experience.

In Japanese cuisine, the typical meal consists of a bowl of rice known as Gohan, a bowl of miso soup known as miso shiru, pickled vegetables known as tsukemono, and fish or meat. As rice is the staple food of japan, various kinds of noodles like udon, soba, and ramen are very popular as well as cheap for light foods. As Japan is an island, it takes pride in its food as seafood. A wide range and variety of octopus, fish, eel, squid, shellfish, etc are seen in their dishes from sushi to tempura.


This is the staple food of Japan. These are sticky, short-grained rice. The rice which is uncooked is known as some. Various dishes of rice are prepared in japan like mochi which are rice cakes, senbei which are rice crackers, and sake which is rice wine. Japanese also cook rice with red beans known as sekihan, seafood, and vegetables known as makikomiGohan or a watery porridge that is seasoned with salt (Kayu) which is a well-known cold remedy.


Udon noodles are prepared with wheat flour. They are the first boiled and are then served in a broth which is normally hot but cold in summer and are then topped with some ingredients like a raw egg in order to make tsukimiudon and tofu is deep-fried to make kitsuneudon.

Soba is thinner and darker buckwheat noodles as compared to udon. It is usually presented cold (zaru soba) along with a  dipping sauce, some sliced green onions, and also wasabi. If it is served in a hot broth then it is known as Kake soba. If you serve it with the same kind of toppings as in udon then you get tsukimi soba, kitsune soba as well as tempura soba.


Ramen is a kind of egg noodles that are always served in a hot broth and then flavored with shoyu or miso. This can be topped with a variety of ingredients like slices of roast pork, bean sprouts (moyashi), sweetcorn, and butter.