Mexico cuisine

From tacos to tamales, its really hard not to love Mexico food. The food of Mexico has been influenced by early civilisations of the Aztecs and Mayas to modern-day Europeans. Mexico started its food journey with simple ingredients like peanuts, vanilla, beans, coconuts, tomatoes and chilli peppers. Along with the passing time, Mexicans started including meats such as beef, chicken, pork and goat into their dishes. Mexican food is regarded by some people as extra spicy due to the use of flamboyant use of chillies in their recipes. No one can celebrate their chillies as Mexico people do. Each of the recipes varies greatly in taste, shape and flavour as well. some very popular chillies are ancho, serrano and jalapeno. The key ingredient of tabasco sauce which is chipotle pepper is a dried variety of jalapenos.

Herbs and spices used are also the stars of their recipes. Any dish is often defined by the sauce and condiments. Such a dish is ‘mole poblano‘ which derived its name from the dark sauce that is savoured with turkey or chicken.

Along with wheat and rice, corn also finds a special place in the Mexican dishes. The crust of bread is widely used in most popular dishes. ‘Masa’ which is a corn flour dough is used to make tortillas, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas and tamales. In traditional recipes such as chilli con Carne or refried beans, kidney beans appear significantly.

In Mexico, the culinary taste varies according to the different locations. Northern Mexico is popular for having meat as the main ingredient in their dishes while the dishes od the south has vegetables and chicken. One of the versatile dish, red snapper Veracruz has attracted people all over the globe. The use of fresh herbs along with the rustic flavours of the spices adds depth to its brilliant taste.

Mexican cuisine also has a place for various desserts, the comments being the Flan. It is buttery custard which has caramel at the top. Another dessert is the empanada. This is made by folding pieces of the dough, stuffing cream, pumpkin or fruits in it which are then baked or fried till they are crisp. Another simple yet brilliant dessert is Dulce which is a bread pudding with fresh fruits. The brilliant flavours of the Mexican dishes are beautifully imbibed in them, that made fans all over the globe.