Top 5 Store-Bought Vegan Cookies

 I’ve been vegan for fifteen years and parenting my two young sons on a plant-based diet. This site is where I offer some of her favorite vegan baking recipes. Vegan cookies of one kind or another are available in most organic food stores and many “conventional” supermarkets. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Newman O’s (Newman O’s):

The Newman-O is a popular option typically found in any store. White cream-filled chocolate, almond butter, and a hint of mint are just a few of the tastes offered in this delicious sandwich cookie. They’re all wonderful, and they have the added benefit of identifiable ingredients. Another advantage is that the revenues from Newman’s items are donated to organizations after taxes.

The Alternative Baking Company’s Cookies:

Alternative Bakery Services cookies could be worth looking at if you are in a health food store. (I’ve seen these cookies in several coffee shops and several airport snack shops.) They’re available in various delectable flavors, including chocolate lemon poppy seed, and the brand also offers seasonal variations, such as pumpkin spice. These huge, soft, and fluffy cookies will melt in your mouth. However, if you’re not hungry, you might like to share this delicious monster with a friend!

Uncles Eddies

Vegan cookies

We can’t discuss vegan cookies without mentioning Uncle Eddie, a common friend. Uncle Eddie’s cookies were my first vegetable cookie love, and they still hold a special place in my heart. Many people’s favorite flavors include oatmeal choc chip and peanut butter chip. Uncle Eddie and the kids also make a raw chocolate fudge cookie and a trail mix cookie. A trail mix is a great option if you like a nuttier, earthier flavor. Have a glass of soy milk on hand, though, since these infants are wealthy!

Nana’s Cookies

Nana’s cookies are rich and decadent, yet they’re made with healthy ingredients. Not only are these cookies vegan, but they’re also gluten-free and made with organic ingredients. They come in typical cookie shapes and individually wrapped cookie pieces that you can pack with you on the go or send to school with your children.

Whole Foods Bakery Cookies:

If you stay near a Whole Foods store, you’ll almost certainly be able to get vegan cookies from the bakery. My local Whole Foods Market sells vegan chocolate cookies and peanut butter cookies. Also available is a vegan tahini cookie with a slightly sweet flavor and a veggie everything cookie with cranberries, pecans, and chocolate chips. If you can find it, everything is a must-try, but they’re all delicious and freshly prepared! There are a lot to know about vegan cookies, all you have to do is to research from various online sites for more details.