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Various kinds of biltong form of snacks:

Here are some of the noted snacks which should be tried to have the most enthralling experience of the snacks. It not only promises the tastier snacks but also provideshealthier snacks that are very tasty as well as healthier. There are many kinds of jerky and biltong which is would be liked by most beef lovers.

They are made out of the best quality beef products keeping in mind all the required essential tips on the healthier base. Biltong is much softer compared to jerky which is also made out of beef.

Biltong is usually the air-cured form of meat that is immersed mainly in the vinegar as well as in the spices. They of different types of meat that are mainly used to make this biltong but it should be noted that most of them are made from beef as it is widespread and available at lower costs.

It is the most unique form of meat that is consumed in the form of a snack. It has turned out to be the most popular form of snack in the present day. Biltong has lots of healthier benefits. It has all the main healthier ingredients which are good on the health ground. In process of its growth there also variations in the kind of ingredients as well as in its flavour profiles are expanding along with it.

jerky and biltong

The major difference between biltong and jerky:

Both jerky and biltongare made by drying the meat as their primary ingredient, but at the same time, the meats are also dried differently. Usually, the jerky is smoked or even roasted for many hours whereas in the case of biltong is not at all cooked. This is the major difference between these two products.

Biltong is usually soaked in vinegar as well as in the salt before they are being air-dried. This process of drying and the process of aging usually last for nearly one-two week before they are ready to use. Jerky is mostly made mainly from the beef cut which is usually lean whereasourbiltong is made mainly of either fatty or lean cuts which depend on the way or the style desired regarding the outcome of them.

Biltong is mainly cut in thick and wide strips which is much easier to hang. Whereas in the case of jerky they are typically sliced in a thin manner which is an irregular form of pieces and not suitable for cooking.

Traditionally this biltong is prepared with a combination of vinegar, spices, and the most not to be missed salt. Whereas on the other hand jerky does not have any vinegar and any kind of secondary ingredients such as sugar, soy sauce, or even Worcestershire sauce.