Ever-Plate Provides Industrial Kitchen And Cloud Kitchen Services

Whenever we visit a restaurant, we always love the idea of eating food outside of our home, but for some reason, we are constantly annoyed by one reason: the slow food service. One can’t help but frown upon it.

Restaurant services have recently become faster because of the new equipment used by chefs. Usings such devices has smoothened the restaurant workflow and improved the food quality.

These changes in equipment and services are part of industrial design kitchens, which are kitchens with cabinets, spacious table tops, cupboard refrigerators, line of microwave ovens, and all types of utensils, which can make a typical kitchen an industrialized kitchen.

Ever-Plate, Indonesia, provides these types of industrialized kitchens to the owners willing to go big with their quality of food and services. These owners are assigned kitchens, which are fully furnished and industrialized. All they have to do is to bring their utensils and set up this empty kitchen into their virtual kitchen.

After providing you with these industrial design kitchens, Ever-Plate offers you the service of a cloud kitchen that is a virtual restaurant for people who prefers delivered restaurant food. People can order from any application the food they want to order. Ever-Plate coordinates those applications to their system, and the industrial kitchen chefs of Ever-plate will get notified of the order, and they will prepare food. Ever-Plate handles every work apart from food processing.

industrial kitchen

Services provided by Ever-Plate:

  • They rent out kitchen spaces to culinary chefs.
  • They co-ordinate with food delivery applications.
  • They handle the delivery of food.
  • They ensure the security with which the food is delivered.

Ever-Plate kitchens are much more different than traditional restaurants, as they offer space for an industrial kitchen and also offer you cloud kitchens. Traditional restaurants also have industrial kitchens and cloud kitchen services, but with that, they have many other responsibilities as they serve incoming and online customers. They need a lot more investment and money to maintain their restaurant, and if a chef does not have that much money for investment, they can easily open their cloud kitchen with the help of Ever-Plate.

With many people relying on restaurant-based foods nowadays, the prices of such foods are also rising as both incoming and online customer bases rise. To eat food at lower prices, people nowadays prefer the same type of food from a non-branded restaurant, and that restaurant can increase their market by providing the same type of food online in a Konsep cloud kitchen.

Ever-Plate provides spaces and cloud kitchen services to non-branded restaurants to quickly increase their business in this competitive world.