A Guide On the Different Types Of Steak Cuts

The cut of steak you select has a significant impact on the flavor and texture of the meat. As a result, most people have a preference or a certain ‘go-to’ for various tasks, such as grilling or making a beautiful beef carpaccio. For quality meat wholesalers Melbourne, visit us now. Here’s a rundown of the various steak cuts and why we like them.


Tenderloin steak, often known as fillet mignon or just ‘fillet’ steak in other parts of the world, lives up to its name. It is without a doubt the most sensitive cut available. It is, however, much leaner than many other kinds of steak, It tastes best when cooked medium-rare or less, and it’s ideal for raw beef dishes such as carpaccio and steak tartare.

Steak Ribeye

The tenderloin steak is the polar opposite of the ribeye steak. It’s recognized for its thick marbling, which gives it a particular flavor and juicy texture. It’s also known as the ‘cowboy’ steak, and it’s a great grilling steak.

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Steak Striploin

Striploin steaks are a great compromise between tenderloin and ribeye steaks. Despite having significantly less marbling than the ribeye, it is soft, juicy, and has a greater ‘beefy’ flavor.

Steak tomahawk

The Tomahawk steak gets its name from a long bone that looks like a single-handed ax. It’s flavorful and juicy, and it’s extremely similar to a ribeye steak.


The larger strip steak, which packs a tasty punch, and the smaller, extremely soft filet mignon are both cut from the back end of the loin and joined by a T-shaped bone. This is one steak, along with the ribeye.

Steak Chuck

Chuck is a tough cut of beef that softens when cooked slowly, making it ideal for kebabs and casseroles. It can also be marinated overnight and served as a steak.

Beef Brisket

This lean breast muscle supports 60% of the cattle’s total weight and necessitates long, moist cooking methods to soften it to a melt-in-your-mouth delicacy. Corned beef and pastrami are both frequently prepared with it.

Steak on the Flank

It’s a very lean cut from the abdomen that’s tougher than other steaks and needs to be marinated before grilling or braising to soften. It’s frequently used in fajitas.

Steak with Skirts

The stiff skirt steak, like the flank steak, requires tenderizing treatments such as marinating and grilling.

London Broil, Top Round

London Broil is a steak made from the round or back leg of a pig. It’s a tough steak that needs to be marinated then grilled to seal in the juices. It has a lot of taste for a low price, and if cooked properly, it’s wonderful.