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Well, a pregnant or breastfeeding lady carves many things during their phase. Many carve sweet things, but if you are allergic to a particular food, you need to be extra careful with what you eat. But no more, now you can find allergen-free cupcakes and satisfy your carving by thoroughly enjoying the delicious treat. Now, you must be wondering where you coulddiscover allergen-free cupcakes in Singapore, then worry not; we have listed some of the best bakeries where you can find an allergen free cupcakes.

Marian’s Lactation Boost

They are famous for their lactation cookies and cupcakes that keep the breastfeeding mom healthy and boost their milk supply. They prepare low-calorie lactation &allergen-free cupcakes with needed nutrients.

Their cupcakes are baked in an allergen-free and gluten-free, which you can enjoy with a cup of tea. The cupcakes are made of avocado, chia & flax seeds that make their cupcakes a treat full of protein, fiber, vitamins, iron, and nutrients.

They deliver your order at your home charging $7 for orders below $80 and free for orders above $ 80.

So, order your allergen-free divine cupcakes from them at your doorstep and enjoy them comfortably at your home.

allergen free cupcakes

Delcie’s Dessert & cakes

They are one of the best cake shops offering allergen-free cupcakes in Singapore. They are recognized and recommended by many parents, doctors, and teachers for their healthy recipe that keeps your health in their mind while making sweet delicacies. They are featured and received many awards for their excellent,most beneficial delicious sweets delicacies and customer services.

They offer the same delivery and customized order for cakes and cupcakes. They provide free delivery for online orders above $180.


They offer gluten, dairy, nut-free, and vegan sweet delicacies in Singapore. They use avocado instead of butter and brown rice milk to make the low-calorie desserts. They take online orders so that you can get your sweet delicacies delivered to your doorstep. For delivery prices, you contact them through their website.

Keen Bakery

They are a small bakery that sells treats made from their heart with taking extra care for your health. Their cupcakes are free from dairy, gluten, and soy, which can cause allergic reactions. They only use quality ingredients, and according to the customer reviews, the cupcakes are light, moist, and slightly tangy, which will surely satisfy your taste bud.

So, these are some shops in Singapore where you can buy allergen free cupcakes and satisfy your sweet cravings.