It’s been debated extensively whether or not sourdough bread is healthful, and the short answer is yes. Sourdough is a healthier alternative to regular bread because it does not have any of the common additions found in regular bread, such as milk, oils, or sugars.

Sourdough bread is healthier for you than conventional supermarket bread because the long fermentation and naturally occurring acids make it easier for your body to digest and absorb.

Try some of the goods of You Knead Sourdough:

Sourdough Yeast, Dry

A package of dry sourdough starter flakes. What sets sourdough apart from other breads is this. The wild yeast in the sourdough starter is what gives the bread its signature flavor. To make your own sourdough starter, just follow the directions in the recipe (included with the Complete Sourdough Starter Kit) or on the site’s recipe page.

There’s no need to wait weeks for a robust starter to form when you use these dried sourdough starter flakes; in just 2 days, you’ll have everything you need to bake your first loaf of artisan sourdough bread.

Sourdough Basket: 25cm Oval Banneton with Cloth Liner

You Knead Sourdough

Constructed of 100% Rattan, which is natural and sustainable, this banneton is great for proofing your sourdough bread. All breads can be shaped into attractive loaves with the help of a banneton, which also has other uses. When using rattan, you may get the crustiest possible result by removing excess moisture from the dough’s top. It also comes with a linen cover that you can lay over the banneton.

Natural rattan contains no toxic chemicals like plastic does, so you can feel good about storing your bread in it. Pick up a rattan banneton if you want to bake delicious artisan sourdough loaves.

Danish Dough Whisk

This Danish dough whisk is designed for comfort and makes quick work of combining dough ingredients. It’s built to last with a sturdy stainless steel whisk and a hardwood handle.

The whisk contains large holes that the dough can push through, allowing you to quickly and easily incorporate any dry flour that may have been left in the bowl.

Wooden Bread Lame

This lame (pronounced ‘Lahm’ which is a French term that means ‘blade’) is as a sourdough scorer – it slices the dough before being placed into a hot oven. By making cuts in the dough, the bread may rise without the skin cracking all over the place. Sourdough bread is perfect for experimenting with different scoring patterns.

For the Purpose of Scraping Dough Off the Bench

The dough scraper is made of plastic and can be used on a bench or bowl. Since sourdough is often rather wet, it’s useful to have a tool that won’t leave marks on the counter while scooping it up (like a steel bench scraper can do if you have a delicate bench top). Dishwasher safe, it’s also incredibly easy to clean.

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