Alcohol-Free! Top Picks for Non-Alcoholic Beverages

In the past, sober beverages were not exactly exciting. If you didn’t want to drink alcohol, your options were limited to sickeningly sweet mocktails, sodas, or water. Going sober has never been more exciting than it is now, thanks to the proliferation of innovative new makers of nonalcoholic beverages. Nowadays, you can find alcohol-free proseccos, hemp-infused drinks, and artisanal grape sodas. There are several reasons to fill your home bar with no-proof options, regardless of whether you are sober or just curious about it. Bottles for those who want cocktails, alcohol-free champagne for those who prefer mimosas, and zero-proof botanical spirits for those who prefer to sip are all available in the Non-Alcoholic Drinks world. This article lists just some of the best non-alcoholic beverages for different preferences.

Rochester Ginger

This is a return to the flavor that ginger drinks had in the days before people started mixing them with vodka. It’s something fresh and exciting that may pique the interest of even the most discerning taste buds. pleasantly spicy and surprisingly reviving, with just the right amount of kick that lingers.


Feragaia is an alcohol-free spirit that is manufactured from land and sea botanicals. It has won multiple awards and is known for its daring character. It is a product of windswept coastlines, vast terrain, and creative minds, which is fitting given the meaning of its name, which translates to “Wild Earth.” Amber in color, with a flavor that is clean and sophisticated, a little smokey note, and a warming finish, this is an open call to cut out the noise and soak in the moments that are worth savoring in the present.

  • Zero sugar, no fat, 0% alcohol
  • The product of many distillations, it has a flavor that is complex.
  • Contains 14 different botanicals, which combine to produce a flavor that is both clean and nuanced.


The botanicals used in Borrago’s steam distillation make for a naturally delightful, alcohol-free spirit. It is meant to be blended with other beverages rather than consumed on its own. A drink worthy of a toast, it is deliciously dry with a bouquet of sweet floral notes, a rich, textured middle, and a lingering finish. Borage is a gorgeous blue-purple blossom that can be eaten.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

  • 0 calories, zero fat, zero alcohol
  • A non-alcoholic spirit that tastes as good as it looks.
  • Tastes great on its own!
  • One bottle contains 20 shots, enough for 20 mixed beverages, and is distilled 20 times with steam to maximize flavor.

Norfolk Punch

Norfolk Punch, a non-alcoholic herbal elixir from Australian Natural Drinks, was originally brewed by Benedictine monks more than a thousand years ago in the Fenlands of Western Norfolk. They called it “nature’s answer to tenseness, fatigue, and the lowness of spirits.” There are no alcoholic ingredients, synthetic flavors, or dyes in the Original Norfolk Punch’s medieval monastery recipe of herbs, fruit, and spice