An introduction to the Indian food culture

Indian food culture

Indian food is very much different as compared with the rest of the world, in not only taste but also the method by which it is prepared. It resembles the perfect blend of different cultures and ages. Indian food is basically famous for its spiciness. Whatever may be the place, whether it’s north India or south India, the spices are generously used in the dishes. Also, each and every spice used in the food carries nutritional as well as medicinal values.


In north India, if we talk about the Kashmiri cuisines then they reflect the strong central Asian influences. In Kashmir, all the dishes are prepared with rice as the main component. Another delicious recipe cooked here is saag which is prepared with green leafy vegetables. In the Indian states like Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh chapattis are consumed as a staple diet. These can be made with various ingredients like with flour of wheat, rice, Maida, besan, etc. other bread which are baked in these regions are tandoori, roomali, naan, etc.


The dessert cuisine of western India is famous for its uniqueness in taste as well as varieties. Rajasthan and Gujarat states represent the dessert variations of food. Numerous dals and achars which are known as pickle/preservative are used here. in Maharashtra state, they have a mixture of north and south cooking styles. People eat rice as well as wheat in Maharashtra. Along the Mumbai coastline dishes like pomfret and Bombay prawn are famous.


In the east, the staple diet of Bengalis is fish and rice. Bengalis love to eat different varieties of fishes. Various desserts of this region are Sandesh, rashogollas, cham-cham , etc.

A dish known as hilsa (fish) is prepared here by wrapping it in the pumpkin leaf and then cooking it.


As the southern states of India have a coastal kitchen, they make the best use of spices, fishes, and coconuts in their dishes. In Tamil Nadu state, to bring the sourness in the dishes, tamarind is utilized. This ingredient differs the Tamil food from the rest of the cuisines. The Andhra Pradesh state utilizes chilies in their dishes to improve the taste of the food. In Kerala state, food like lamb stew and appams, idlis, dosas, Malabar fried prawns, rice puttu, etc are very popular.